CROSSDOGS Reusable Sports & Boxing Glove Deodorizer
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A New Breed

CROSSDOGS Deodorizing Sports Glove Inserts are a simple and effective way to prevent and reduce odours in all types of sports gloves. Our reusable and refillable glove inserts can be filled to fit all sizes of boxing and MMA gloves, hockey gloves, baseball mitts and much, much more. Our hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and naturally-scented fills are available in two fresh scents, with ample filler included in our CROSSDOGS pack and sold separately as refills.


Let's face it, gloves can stink. Wretchedly. And their smell can force you to retire your lucky gloves long before wear and tear ever does. Glove fans offer a pretty weak solution - they're expensive, consume energy, go on the fritz, and can hardly be called "portable." Commercial sprays can leave behind irritating residue and chemicals. Other glove inserts exist, but their disposable, one-size-fits-all construction can be frustrating, ineffective and wasteful, and the harsh chemicals and substances used in some can produce some very undesirable effects.

CROSSDOGS are different. Our insert bags offer the perfect mix of durability and breathablity, designed to allow odour absorption while releasing a constant fresh scent. They can be filled to whatever size you need, allowing them to fit in any size or type of sports glove. The bags are fully reusable and refillable, and our scented fillers are all-natural, hypoallergenic and biodegradable to help eliminate waste and save you money. The metal bone clip allows you to attach the bags together and hang your gloves wherever you please, or to detach them to save space in a packed gym bag or luggage. CROSSDOGS provide what others do not, to help you Smell Nothing but Victory.

Want to know more? Check out the details in our pack. Ready to treat your lucky gloves to a pair of CROSSDOGS? Find a retailer near you. Love your CROSSDOGS and want the world to know? Come visit us on Facebook!

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