CROSSDOGS Reusable Sports & Boxing Glove Deodorizer
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Our Pack

CROSSDOGS deodorizing sports glove insert packs include two reusable insert bags, your choice of naturally-scented deodorizing filler, and our sturdy metal bone clip. Want to know more?

Your 'Dogs

Developed with a 100% cotton fabric for the perfect mix of durability and breathablity, and designed to allow odour absorption while releasing a constant fresh scent. Make no bones about it, CROSSDOGS are strong enough to outlast most gloves when treated with care.

Metal Bone Clip

Keep track of your CROSSDOGS with this strong metal clip. Perfect for hanging up your gloves between uses, and
easy to remove for washing, refilling, and flexible storage.

Drawstring Lock

Lock n' load your bags with the secure drawstring lock on each bag. Once you have filled your bags to the perfect size simply slide & lock the contents in place.

The Stuff

With either of our custom fills you can be assured your gloves are being treated with care. Our hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and naturally-scented fills have been proven safe and effective on any glove you throw its way. Available in two fresh scents:

Bold Cedar Filler

Bold Cedar

An effective and all-natural blend of cedar and pine that absorbs odour and leaves behind a fresh scent. Our low-dust mix leaves your gloves clean and always at the ready!

Lasting Lavender Filler

Lasting Lavender

Combining the odour absorbent strength of pine with the fresh scent of pure, natural lavender. A low-dust mix that delivers the perfect blend of fierce and fragrant!

Custom Fit your 'Dogs

Because CROSSDOGS are not pre-filled they can be customized to fit the size of your gloves. Too full? Just scoop some of the filling back into your resealable fill bag and keep it for your next round!

Caring for your 'Dogs

CROSSDOGS are made tough but should be washed gently to best preserve their unique qualities. Before washing, remove any filler and fully detach the metal bone clip. Always wash CROSSDOGS in cold water with a mild detergent. For best results lay them flat to dry.

DO NOT PUT CROSSDOGS IN A DRYER. Make sure they are completely dry before refilling with your favourite scent.